Search Engine Optimization- An Introduction

Search Engine Optimization- An Introduction

An oft repeated term, how many of us have stopped to ask ourselves, what is SEO? Why is so much being said about SEO. This book is an attempt to answer one part of the question. In essence, this book deals with internet and social media marketing; and how income can be generated from the internet both passively and aggressively.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Basically SEO is mentioned as un-paid, or organic, or natural SEO. Search engine optimization is the procedure of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a variety of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. SEO content is built around “How search engines work”. What did people search for, the keywords or search terms that were entered into search engines and how the search engines react to their targeted users forms the essence of SEO working. In other words, SEO is the procedure of improving the rank of the targeted website in the search engine result pages (SERP).

Why do we require SEO?

A lot of web users use search engines to discover something or learn a new concept that has been eluding them. Thus, the search engine is the simplest tool utilized to locate the services they require. With the vast amount of people who are searching for products and services reaching even a mere 10 percent would translate into substantial revenues. For instance, if you are a florist based in the United Kingdom and have an Search engine optimized page- any web user who searches for florist UK, will be able to see your website.

The chances that he will contact you for business automatically goes up. If the event of the user contacting the florist takes place- then business revenue is generated all at the click of a button.Yet from the numerous florists in UK, how did a single one get identified on the internet? Th answer to this lies in having an Search Engine Optimized website, which gets listed at the top results of the search engines. The increased visibility of the website helps generate business. Now if you think that only after presenting your website to the search engines like Google will drive enormous amount of traffic to your website then I must say you cannot be more off track. You have to work to get your website listed in the pinnacle of the search engine result pages. And to get it done, you require SEO.

Fundamentally SEO is an art. A specialist professional from an SEO firm will optimize the web content so as to be ranked among the top most results in a listing of the search engines. This ranking of course does not happen in a day. It is the result of a lot of effort.

What are the different types of SEO?

Basically, (Organic, natural or un-paid SEO) SEO is divided into two main categories. These are On page Optimization and off page Optimization. On Page Optimization: On page optimization is the optimization techniques which are used on the page of the website. All the changes are on the page of the website and all are visible on the website. Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization is the optimization techniques which are used everywhere except on the pages of the website. This optimization does not deal visibly on the website pages. Basically links are generated by using this technique. Some of the off page optimization techniques are :

  • Link Building
  • Blog Comment
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Press Release
  • Social Media Marketing (Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so on )

In brief, through SEO we get connected with other websites of same relevancy and also keep changing our website’s content and structure as per Google strategies. And in result, we get huge traffic to our website, increase the ranking of our website in various search engines and also increase visibility.

How do people interact with search engines?

One of the most important elements of building an online marketing strategy around SEO and search rankings is empathizing with your audience. Once you grasp how the average ‘searcher’, and more specifically, your target market, utilizes Search, you can more effectively reach out and retain those users.

A search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Popular examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search. Search engines utilize automated software applications (referred to as robots, bots, or spiders) that travel along the Web, following links from page to page, site to site. The information gathered by the spiders is used to create a searchable index of the Web. Thus, when people use the term search engine in relation to the Web, they are usually referring to the actual search forms that search through databases of HTML documents, initially gathered by a robot.

There are basically three types of search engines:

Those that are powered by robots (called crawlers; ants or spiders)
Those that are powered by human submissions
Those that are a hybrid of the two.
Links allow the search engines’ ‘crawler’ or ‘spider’ (which is an automated robot) to find billions of interlinked documents on the web and then it links them with the search users’ query. As soon as the crawler finds these pages, they translate the websites’ code and then applies that on to a massive database. To manage holding all the pages that are accessible in milliseconds, the search engine companies have constructed data-centres all over the world.

These storage holders have a very fast since they need to give accurate search results almost instantaneously, or put up with dissatisfied users. Popularity and relevance aren’t determined manually. Instead, the engines employ mathematical equations (algorithms) to sort them in relevance, and then to rank the relevance in order of quality (popularity). When search engines started, websites with keywords that linked to the users search came up, it was a very simplistic step and could often lead to a dissatisfied user. Whereas, now smart engineers have developed hundreds of factors that influence relevance and the results displayed, such as location. How people use search engines has definitely changed since 1990, but the primary aim is still to conduct a search on your query. The general queries people use search engines for are:

‘Do’ -Transactional Queries: Wanting to do something, such as buy a product or listen to a song.

‘Know’- Informational Queries: In need of information, such as the name of an actor.

‘G o’ -Navigational Queries: Wanting to go to a particular place on the web, such as Facebook.

Search Engine Optimization means the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. This means in order to build an online marketing strategy, you need to share an empathy with your
audience. The search engines key responsibility is to serve relevant results to their users. The main question that will be asked when a visitor is on a website- are they satisfied with what they have found and is it relevant to their search? Search Engine Marketing is often called organic traffic. Many people employ an agency to manage their digital marketing campaigns. With professional help, these companies are then able to be considered for higher rankings.

Why do websites need SEO?
We have heard about SEO and how it works for different kinds of online business. Everyone speaks
of the power of SEO. Yet what is it that makes SEO so powerful? Some of the reasons include:

SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment :

SEO is not only revenue, but it is also an investment, by tying in SEO to web analytical data we observe that there are specific keywords which have a high conversion rate. This conversion rate helps rank the website on top. Lifting a website on the top of a search engine, can provide the massive return to the investment done.

SEO Turns the Spotlight on Your Sales:

By bringing the website page to the top of the search will raise the sales of the company. Both direct and indirect sales will improve as it works 24*7 all year long. Search engine optimization will lavish attention on the sales generating the highest performances by providing the right emphasis and focus on market arsenals.

SEO Is A Crucial Part Of Your Marketing Mix:

SEO is the master when it comes to boosting conversion rates. Although crucial SEO is not the only tool to reach the highest marketing potential. Social media branding and other marketing stratigies also helps along with SEO to raise the website to higher ranks. SEO Impacts The Research/Buying

Cycle:SEO will increase one’s sales without increasing marketing cost. SEO plays an important role in research and buying cycle. It works like a prospect magnet which attracts potential customers to one’s website.

SEO Is Never Too Costly:

SEO is an investment not a cost. If the highest priced SEO company charges you twice as much as the rest, as a marketing manager or decision maker, you should look deeper into why they are so expensive.

SEO Isn’t Icing On The Cake – It’s An Important Ingredient:

Taking SEO into consideration, even while planning your website structure, content management system (CMS), URL syntax, and Web design gives the best results for your business. It can help you map old URLs to new ones, tailor your landing pages to user intent, lead prospects along a ‘buying slope’ and preserve old rankings that took years of work to achieve.

SEO Can Multiply Your Impact:

SEO is your digital calling card. It can multiply your impact massively by getting your website in front of targeted eyeballs. There’s good reason to have it handled by professionals who know their job. They will ensure that your website appeals to the right audience, and gets viewed by a wide segment of it.

Why Social Media Marketing is important for a business

Benefits of Social Media Today is the world of ever-advancing technologies, a website is not sufficient for your business. You have to extend your digital storefront to make a strong online presence. The majority of brands and businesses are using social media marketing to increase business’ visibility online, expand brand presence, and attract new customers. It helps businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse of the customer’s needs. Social media marketing is a vital part of the modern marketing mix and has the potential to transform your business to the next level. It is a powerful campaign tool that intelligently rockets your traffic, promotes your business and increases leads and sales with maximum returns.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Improved Brand Recognition:
Social Media Marketing has the power to increase your business visibility. Social media presence is just a new way of campaigning that transfers your brand’s voice and content to customers. Social media platform increases the awareness of business among users.

Better brand loyalty:
Latest Studies say, businesses who have a hold on social media channels enjoy advanced loyalty from their audience.

More chance:
Every post on a social media platform provides an opportunity to convert viewers into potential customers. Some visitors like, some share and some can tweet and comment on your images, blogs and videos. Social Media is an excellent platform to spread information.

Enlarged Traffic and Conversion rates:
Traffic and conversions are the forefronts of any online business. Social media platforms allow you to communicate efficiently and consistently with people. As a result, customers will take interest to know about your goods and services. Here, you have a chance to convert traffic into potential customers.

Lessen Marketing Costs:

Social Media is an effective way to promote your brand online without investing a ton of money. Use of radio, television, print banners & pamphlet for promoting a business is an old way of marketing. Your business cannot survive with traditional marketing campaigns. Now you need a modern marketing campaign that saves your time and money while advertising your business faster and efficiently. There is no better Return on Investment than having your visitors advertise for you.

Improved Search Engine Rankings:

Search engine optimization is the best way to gain relevant traffic from search engines. It is no longer sufficient to update blogs, Meta descriptions regularly, ensure optimized title tags, and distribute links pointing back to your website. Social Media presence is a significant factor for calculating ranking on Google and other search engines. That is the reasons why strong brands have a social media presence. We hope you have understood that Social Media is more than sharing pictures of last night’s party or informing your friends list that you just finished your breakfast. Social media marketing is an approach to engaging customers. With more than billions of Facebook users and more than 100 million active Twitter users worldwide, there are many reasons to consider incorporating social media marketing into your existing marketing campaign. Social media marketing has the potential to leave a long lasting impression about your business on any customers’ mind.

How to Use Social Media to Keep an Eye on the Competition

When it comes to staying ahead in business, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors. You want to know what they are doing, what strategies they are trying, and what types of products they are promoting, and most of all: what is working for them. Social media gives entrepreneurs a window to look into where you can find all of that information. You just need to know where to look.

There are a lot of tools and tips available that can help you watch your competitors without crossing the line into unethical actions. Take the time to learn what to do through social media to gather information you need about other businesses in your industry.

Here is what to do:

Keep a private list of posts on Facebook and Twitter The great thing about sites like Twitter and Facebook is that you do not have to be following someone in order to see their public tweets and posts. On Facebook, you can  simply click the “Like” button for the page of your competitors and add the name to an interest list. Another option is to just click the “Follow” tab on the other person or brand’s Facebook page. This lets you see all of the public posts that the other person adds. With Twitter, you can make a private list of the other person’s tweets. Your name will not show up as one of their followers. Simple. To find out what pages you should be watching on Facebook, go to Graph Search and type in a query like: “Pages liked by people who like [brand/person]. This helps you find the people and brands that your target audience follows on Facebook.

Make a list of “Pages to Watch” Another great tool from Facebook is the “Pages to Watch” feature. Click on your Facebook Insights tab and select the link for Pages to Watch. It will offer some suggestions, but you can also add in your own from the results of your Graph Search.

Find email addresses for marketing and networking

You probably already have a lot of ways to obtain email addresses for your marketing strategy, but another one is always good to know. It takes a bit of work, but can definitely be worth it. One of the first places to begin your search should be LinkedIn and Twitter bios. A lot of people and brands include a link for easier contact here. Another trick is to do a Google search. Just type in [name’s email] or [name @domain name]. This can be good if you are looking for an email address for staff members at a specific business. With the results, you can add the email addresses to your database for future marketing purposes or to make important networking connections for your brand. In this age of social media, we are given so many opportunities to delve further into the people and companies that matter to us. With a little work and some clever tricks, it is easy to gather information and use it to grow.

White Hat SEO

The Search Engine Optimization process can be carried out in a number of ways. The first way is to respect all the rules and regulations implemented by search engines. In this method, the SEO process will focus more on building relationships with the human audience of a business in order to build a web presence. The second way is to totally disregard search engine rules and capitalize on the loopholes to gain an upper hand in search engine rankings.

While the first way is known as White Hat SEO, the second is referred to as Black Hat SEO. The top SEO software can be used in both these methods and both of them might be beneficial, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Most companies prefer to use White Hat SEO techniques as these techniques allow for the development of quality websites first and foremost. Here are some of the advantages offered by White Hat SEO:

Positive in the Long Run:
If you plan on making your website stay strong in the highly competitive online scenario, you have to use White Hat techniques. If your domain name stays the same for a number of years, search engines will be quicker to trust you. White Hat SEO techniques can help in generating traffic from a lot of different sources, which bodes well for the online future of your business.

Better Suited to Change:
With search engine algorithms being continually updated these days, many websites using Black Hat techniques come under pressure because of the increased chances of getting axed by search engine results. Web sites created through White Hat techniques stand a much better chance of coping with the changes brought about by the new set of algorithms.

Perhaps the only downside of White Hat SEO is that it cannot generate traffic faster. It may take you several weeks to notice the impact of White Hat techniques on your website.

Best 5 White Hat SEO Techniques

1. Quality Content When we first started searching at SEO as a separate body to website build there was one phrase that we would constantly hear, “content is King”, and it’s true. There is nothing more precious you can do to optimize your site for search engines than present exclusive well written content. A search engines aim is to dish up up what it believes to be the most suitable website for any given search to the end user.

2. Use Structural as well as Separate Content from Presentation

Utilizing CSS to divide the design elements from the content creates a much leaner code and makes it simpler for search engines to discover what they’re searching for, which is content. Keep in mind content is king!

3. Titles and Meta Data

Offering pages with correct titles as well as Meta data are important.

4. Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use

Make your website with keywords and key phrases in mind. Research keywords as well as key phrases you think people might use to find your site.

5. Quality Inbound Links

Good links are links from other type’s web pages that are regarded extremely by the search engines and are contextually applicable to the content of your page.

Black Hat SEO techniques

Black Hat SEO techniques, as the name suggests is a kind of SEO i.e. search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a specialized domain which was limited to online marketing experts and promoters, but now it is being extensively used by cyber criminals or crackers to promote unwanted or malicious sites. Black Hat SEO term is used for search engine optimized pages that lead to malicious sites. Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO techniques and strategies, it does not obey search engine guidelines. “Black Hat” search engine optimization is customarily defined as techniques that are used to get higher search rankings in an unethical manner. These black hat SEO techniques usually include one or more of the following characteristics: Breaks search engine rules and regulations. Creates a poor user experience directly because of the SEO techniques utilized on the Web site. Unethically presents content in a different visual or non-visual way to search engine spiders and search engine users.

Techniques used by Black Hat SEO are keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages and adding unrelated keywords. Black Hat SEO is being used by those who are looking for quick finances rather than a long term investment. Black Hat SEO results in banning a website over a search engine. Black HAT SEO refers to Unethical SEO or spamdexing. Black Hat SEO tactics are like:

  • Content Automation
  • Doorway Pages
  • Hidden Text or Links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Reporting a Competitor
  • Sneaky Redirects
  • Cloaking

Techniques used by Black Hat SEO are

  • Link Manipulation – Buying links, advertorials, and link schemes
  • Article Spinning
  • Link Schemes
  • Link Farms
  • Link Wheels
  • Link Networks
  • Rich Snippet Mark-ups Spam
  • Automated Queries to Google
  • Creating pages, subdomains, or domains with duplicate content
  • Pages with malicious behaviour, such as phishing, viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

A lot of what is known as black hat SEO actually used to be legitimate, but a few people went a bit overboard and now these techniques are frowned upon by the general SEO community at large. These practices will actually provide short-term gains in terms of rankings, but if you are discovered utilizing these spam techniques on your Web site, you run the risk of being penalized by search engines. Unethical, shady, or just over the line SEO is tempting; after all, these tricks actually do work, temporarily. They do end up getting sites higher search rankings; that is, until these same sites get banned for using unethical practices. It’s just not worth the risk. Use efficient search engine optimization techniques to get your site ranked higher, and stay away from anything that even looks like it might not be in the guidelines that search engines set out for webmaster.

Techniques To Avoid

Keyword stuffing: Packing long lists of keywords and nothing else onto your site will get you penalized eventually by search engines. Learn how to find and place keywords and phrases the right way on your Web site with this article titled Learn Where and How to Put Keywords in Your Site Pages. Invisible text: This is putting lists of keywords in white text on a white background in hopes of attracting more search engine spiders. Again, not a good way to attract searchers or search engine crawlers. Doorway Pages: A doorway page is basically a “fake” page that the user will never see. It is purely for search engine spiders, and attempts to trick them into indexing the site higher. Read more about doorway pages.

The primary difference between the two SEO techniques lies in the tools that are used to improve visibility and ranking for the website and pages. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages and the technique needs to be decided by the decision making manager.

Generating Passive Income through the Internet

In the modern world of rapid technological advancement, the internet which has made our lives far more convenient than ever before has paved its own way for us to earn a significant passive income on a regular and on a long term basis with a plenty of business opportunities that too with much minimal effort. However, like any other sources of income, these passive income streams do require some sort of investments from your end either in the form of time, money or skillful knowledge as a base for investments. You can make the best use of any one or a mix and match combination of all the three to reap out quality profits in the long run. If you find the term passive income as quite odd, then for your information, it is a way of generating a regular earnings with limited efforts passively without much of active participation from your end. In simple terms, it is a way of ensuring your earnings even when you sleep. For instance, it could be in the form of monthly rent in real estates, collection of dividends in stock investments and revenue advertisements if you have a website of your own.In no particular order, the given below are a fistful of the various great Passive Income Business Opportunities helpful for you to attain your financial goals:

Peer-to- peer lending:

Peer-to-peer lending is a type of business wherein the investors are matched with unrelated individuals called the peers without the interruption of the traditional financial intermediaries such that of the banks or any other similar financial institutions. Since the funds are uncollateralized they are highly unsecured and are prone to heavy risk to the investors yet you could consider investing in these streams if you are comfortable with this risk.

Equity portfolio:

Investments to be made in the equity shares, stocks and bonds are yet another form of capital investments, ensuring a passive income in the form of dividends and these profits are likely to last on a long term basis. However, the quantum of your passive earnings varies proportionately to the ratio of your investments and tend to rise or fall accordingly.

Affiliate marketing:

Online Affiliate Marketing is another business opportunity ensuring a smarter way of earning better passive income without much investment. It is the process of signing up with the business brands or entrepreneurs with an intention to promote their products over online through your affiliate blogs to the knowledge of your readers who would be in need of them. Each and every time when someone initiates some targeted action through your affiliate links your income would be fairly increasing.


Here in blogging you sell your information as the product to a wide customer base wherein you need have to produce quality content on specific topics that has been widely searched among a specific group of readers to meet their intense demand. A wide knowledge base on the topic concerned answering the probable questions that would arise in the minds of most of the readers with regular and frequent updates enables your website to stay fresh in the index of the search engine spiders for you to become a successful blogger to generate a quantum of income passively.

Network marketing:

Network marketing or multi-level marketing remains to be the most popular of the passive income streams in the recent trends wherein you are required to join a network marketing company and indulge yourself in the promotion of a specific product by working as a team to achieve your desired targets. However, the success of your network marketing relies on the thriving capacity of the team leader.

Webmaster is who owns the website
XML site map
An inventory of pages, search engines

Generating Traffic Using SEO

When you start your website, you should keep in mind to attract more traffic to the site. SEO is one such way of generating traffic. It requires a serious effort and you have to face competition from other websites to earn a top ranking in search engines. Here is the list of SEO tools to attract more traffic and to beat the rivals.

Use right key word

Keywords is the backbone of SEO and plays an effective role in attracting more traffic. By using the right key word you are helping the visitors to pick the particular words about the content of your website, leading to more hits to your website.

Use Google’s keyword tool

Google keyword tools are one such way to use when picking the right key word. The tool will tell you the popularity of the keyword and about the contest for the keyword.

Include long tail keywords

Many feel long tail keywords are not helpful in attracting traffic, but the irony is that the words are its strength. To describe the long tail keyword, it is precise or longer than the normal phrase. To understand the term better use the right ‘best dental clinic’ or ‘Los Angles best dental clinic’ instead of’ best dental clinic.’ The specific keywords like one mentioned will bring more traffic.

Use backlink

The backlink plays an important role in generating more traffic to your site. Actually the backlink,linked to the other sites to direct the surfers to visit your website. The link helps you to attract more hits from the link and help in getting a higher ranking.

Update the content frequently

To generate more traffic to your site update the content of your site regularly. The updates help the visitors to keep coming again and again and the leading search engines also take the point seriously.

Look for advertisement

Advertisement is another way of generating traffic to your site, though it requires an investment. Most visitors avoid the advertisement as it is based on the ‘pay per click’ or PPC model. It allows you to pay when a visitor clicks thead and log on to your site.

Go for SEO training or hire an SEO company

By hiring an SEO company, you can generate more traffic to your site. They use the latest tools which are not used by others. There is another one method that is by getting trained on the SEO training. This will give an idea of the latest tools and how it helps you in attracting more visitors.

Use the social media platform

Now many people are using the social media platform to generate more traffic, because of the rise in the use of social media tools. Create a page on the Facebook for your site and ask your friends to like the page and bring more traffic to your site. You can also use the other social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram,Linkedin,Pininterest, and Google plus.

Make sure your site content in order

Ensure the content of your site is interlinked. This helps the search engines in giving the next page to the end and to the surfers. Remain optimistic and don’t jump the gun You may read about how many succeed in their life by keeping calm and silence. Don’t build expectations about more traffic to your site from the launch. Use the above given techniques and it may take time to attract traffic and make the visitors into clients. Also, keep a close watch on the analytics and make necessary changes. You require time and dedication for more visitors. There are no magic techniques to generate traffic to the site.

Blog commenting

Ask the visitor to make a comment on the blog on the site. By the comments more people will visit the site. The comments will keep coming and many will look into your profile.

Forum commenting

Forum commenting is also a way to generate more traffic. By starting a discussion on the blog you can get more hits. Make the content informative for the visitors to post their comments.

Make use of Q & A

Use the Q&A sites like yahoo and Quora to generate more traffic to your site. Give the right answer to the query posted by visitor you are assured of the visitor loyalty for a long time.


You Tube is second in the list of search engines on the web, by making a video on your site, you can generate more traffic on how to and by a short presentation.

Mobile SEO Rules

The time has come for the business people to rethink on their search engine optimization techniques. Much water has flown under the bridge, as the rules for the SEO changed across the world. You have to update the content regularly to maintain or improve the traffic. If the content is not updated, you stand to face losses in the business or even the business de-listed from the search engine due to not following the guidelines of Google. Online businesses are run with the traffic to sustain, making it a wonderful opportunity to expand the business. Follow the new mobile SEO rules to improve your business.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Now, more people are using smartphones to surf rather than using their systems. To address their concerns most website operators have adopted new ideas for mobile devices by developing their websites. The new changes in the website may lead to improve their SEO rankings . Though the investment is high, the returns will be more considering the new changes for mobile users a new experience that drives more traffic and a higher rank in the listings.

Link your website with a qualified backlink profile

Every year there is an increase in algorithm updates. Though it is not a new rule, associating with a qualified backlink profile is must for sites to that will lead to higher rankings in the Google search results. It is difficult to find a qualified backlink profile. The right backlink profile with fresh ideas and links will push your site’s rating to a higher level. Avoid directories and guest blogging for improving the rankings will backfire.

Make your website work fast

Many people are switching over to smartphones, it is important to increase the site speed. The speed is lead for the SEO. Google in its latest release laid emphasis on the site speed, since many users switched over to smartphones from systems. The rankings are now based on the site speed and to go high in the rankings the websites should focus on the speed aspect. The changes like image optimization and reduce the code helps the site to load quickly with a new experience. Start using Google’s PageSpeed insights for making your site to work faster.

Share the contents with social media sites

In the changing world, the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is on the high. The debate on sharing the content among social media sites is a hot topic, sharing of content on social media provides the best returns for your site. While the content sharing has a little impact on the rankings, but there are chances for more exposure that boosts your SEO rankings.

Local SEO

The local search engine is suitable for small and medium businesses operating in a particular city or town. The listed business ranges from A to Z in the city or town. When a small business people go to the Local SEO agency, the site, chances of reaching the top in their area are high among the local internet users looking for any information related to their trade. While selecting the agency look for its country or region make sure it operates in your area, There is no use in enlisting the services of global SEO, since your business interests is concentrated in a region or town.

Global SEO

If you want to sell the product across the world, then global SEO is the best choice for promoting your trade. You can sell the products all over the world. When someone is looking for best dental doctor in his area, there is no use in giving the pages from the world. Global SEO is best for ecommerce business as you can operate from your home anywhere in the world.

Local SEO Vs Global SEO

Many people across the world use the search engine optimization (SEO) to promote their businesses. SEO has become popular over the years, because of its growth in the expansion of trade across barriers. SEO is a tool of techniques with the use of keywords, algorithms and appropriate content to increase the ranking of a website among local or global search engines. The higher the ranking it goes is the indication of traffic to the website.

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